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SUPERBITCH MAGAZINE ISSUE # 2 is ON SALE NOW in our online store!

  • NSFW pics of Cruella, Miss Alison, and Superbitch Amy!
  • ” Ask Mr. Fucker ” advice column!
  • Beer!
  • WHORES., Child Bite & Phil Anselmo! King Buzzo of The Melvins!
  • Politically incorrect humor and more!

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ATTENTION – IMPORTANT SUPERBITCH NEWS!! Tomorrow morning, first thing at 9am, issue # 2 of America’s only magazine dedicated to Girls, Booze, and Music, SUPERBITCH MAGAZINE, will be ON SALE right here!!

We’ll also be offering yearly subscriptions for one low price, and a special bundle package that will include the Superbitch Magazine DVD – yep, that’s right, Superbitches on your TV or laptop…what will we think of next???

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KING BUZZO from The Melvins is a man who almost needs no introduction, so we won’t waste time doing that.  Instead, we’re reporting that he’s going out on the road on his very first acoustic solo tour and unleashing an awesome 10-inch vinyl record courtesy of the Amphetamine Reptile record label. His first song, ‘ Dark Brown Teeth ” has already been posted on the Rolling Stone magazine website and their soundcloud page….here’s the link : ” Dark Brown Teeth “. It’s a strong little ditty with just Buzz playing his guitar and singing, very haunting and slow, with perfect production. It’s effin’ GOOD.

King Buzzo 10 inch record


The multi-colored 10-inch record, titled ” This Machine Kills Artists “, looks amazing and will be available at all of this shows…here are the tour dates :

Buzz Osbourne 2014 Tour Dates
Feb 25: Los Angeles, CA – Scion Rock Show @ The Satellite
Mar 02: Minneapolis, MN – Grumpy’s
Mar 06: Omaha, NE – The Waiting Room
Mar 08: Kansas City, MO – The Riot Room
Mar 10: Norman, OK – Opolis
Mar 11: Dallas, TX – Club Dada
Mar 13: Austin, TX – Record Label Rummage Sale
Mar 16: Little Rock, AR – Stickyz Rock’n’Roll Chicken Shack
Mar 17: Memphis, TN – Hi-Tone
Mar 20: Louisville, KY – Zanzabar
Mar 21: Indianapolis, IN – Radio Radio
Mar 22: Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen
Mar 23: Madison, WI – High Noon Saloon

Superbitch Magazine already has tickets to his show at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago, so expect pics and a full report….( Editor’s note – the next night we’re seeing WHORES in Cleveland, too! ) we’re nabbing a copy of that vinyl also…BELIEVE THAT SHIT!




hellmouth tape front

As some of you already know, we here on staff at Superbitch Magazine really enjoy our cassette tapes. Are they making a comeback? Who the fuck knows, but they’re fun. This limited-edition gem landed on our desk and it comes from the Detroit -based, angry, pissed-off, grey-haired, 8-legged thrash / punk / metal monster that is HELLMOUTH.

The cassette is called ” All Hallow’s Eve 2013 ” and keeping with the theme, features covers of two songs – one by legendary goth outfit CHRISTIAN DEATH called ” Spiritual Cramp “, and the other one by horror punk post-Mistfits, pre-Danzig band, SAMHAIN, titled ” Let the Day Begin “. So, here’s the deal….

First off, the packaging is pretty sweet. The front cover is a total rip-off of the Sisters of Mercy’s Merciful Release logo and that’s pretty badass. ( Editor’s note : find out what D.E.W.N. means! ) Also, the paper insert is ganked directly from an old Misfits 7 ” single and re-written…genius.

hellmouth tape inserthellmouth tape spine

hellmouth tape inside hellmouth tape back

…and as Damone from ” Fast Times at Ridgemont High ” would say, ” WHAT ABOUT THE TUNES?? ”

Well, I’m happy to report that the Jay Navarro’s gutteral vocals are about 1000 % better that the original Christian Death version by Roz Williams, and Hellmouth’s version actually ROCKS, which is nice. The 2nd song by Samhain is pretty much the same deal – more ferocious than the original and completely jammable from a ghetto-blaster set on 10. Check out both of ‘em below, and if you feel compelled to try to get one of these tapes, beg for mercy at their official website : and Hellmouth Facebook page.


- Norton Meadows, M.D.


cru 1

cru 3

cru 2

cru 4


Jiminy Crickets, how could you NOT wanna start a brand-new week with some sexy shots of the lovely CRUELLA?? We think so, too.

More Cruella on the way in issue # 2, on sale February 14th!!

Photo by John Davies / Superbitch Magazine. 




front cover smaller version


The NEW album by the Detroit porno rap act, BEAVER SHOOT, will be released on Friday, February 14th!!

The album, titled, ” The King of Porno Rap “, contains 10 brand-new filthy hip hop tunes which sound like the best/worst parts of vintage 1988-era rap music, The Beastie Boys, The Bloodhound Gang, 2 Live Crew, and ICP. We’re talking grimy drum loops, metal guitar blasts, screaming sex rhymes, sing-along choruses, and hilarious comedy samples….it’s a great thing. It’ll be released on the same day as Issue # 2 of SUPERBITCH MAGAZINE, and will available as a digital download bundle ( along with lyrics, artwork, and lots of pics ) with the new issue for one low price. And, it’ll be available on iTunes,, Amazon, and all digital retailers worldwide.

Here’s the entire 10-song track list :

1. Pimp Daddy Motherfucker

2. Vagina Town

3. Ya Wanna Get Drunk and Fuck?

4. I Love Licking Your Asshole

5. One Cheek Sneak

6. Ridin’ in the Fuck Truck

7. The King of Porno Rap

8. The Whores of Summer

9. Five Dollar Blowjob

10. My Dangling Dick


…and, here’s a little taste of the title track from Soundcloud :

for more info, go to the official website .

Superbitch Magazine music interview : Christian from the noise-rock band WHORES.!!

whores clean

whores guitar pedals

More is DEFINITELY better than less. Photo credit : Dean Chooch Landry

As you might’ve figured out by our initial glowing review of the ATL noise-rock combo WHORES. second record, ” Clean “, we are big fans of these loud fuckers. So it only stands to reason that we would want to get an exclusive interview on the eve of their U.S. tour, so we sent guitarist / vocalist Christian Lembach a few questions and he gave us the 411 on exactly what’s behind all of the fuzz and noise….here it be :

Superbitch Magazine : First off, here’s the most obvious, redundant, $ 64,000 question – are you guys big fans of AmRep circa 1986 – 1992 or what? 

Christian / Whores. : Of course. I was working on a commercial shoot down in Orlando when I got an email saying that Tom from AmRep had just paid for a bandcamp download of our first record. I nearly pissed myself, and I immediately took a screenshot of the email and promptly posted it to Instagram. He later contacted us about the possibility of working together. He’s bringing back the Dope, Guns and Fucking in the Streets series. We obviously said yes.

Let’s get the whole history: when did you all form, how many releases do you have out, any members quit / kicked out due to inner-band violence, and were any of you previously in bands of note or at least Van Halen status? 

I think we started sometime in 2010. We have the first record “Ruiner,” the second record “Clean,” we just released a split single with the Portland band Rabbits, and then we have the AmRep release that’s not out yet.  We originally had a different bass player, but he wasn’t able to commit to touring. I totally get it. It’s super hard to do this and pay your rent. All of us have obviously been in other bands, but I really want this to be its own thing without relying on past success or notoriety, or whatever, you know? I also non-ironically love Van Halen ( Editor’s note : So do WE!! ).

The thing I noticed from listening to the ” Clean ” EP is how streamlined everything sounds – definitely a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-breakdown-chorus and catchy structure that contrasts very well with the over the top noise and sludge…is that a conscious decision in the songwriting? And who does the bulk of songwriting and lyrics? 

Yes, that’s definitely a conscious decision, as is 4/4 time. I cannot stand like prog rock or whatever. We all really love pop music, and we also love the heavy heavies. The song is the most important thing. Everything else should serve that, as cliché as that sounds. Everyone writes, but I usually bring in a riff and we hash it out together. Then we get a basic structure, I write words, and we tweak the arrangement as necessary.

What are the main goals for WHORES. in 2014? More touring? A full-length? 

Well, we have our spring tour coming up (dates below), with a SXSW appearance, dates with Deafheaven, Japanther, Gay Witch Abortion, Buildings, Lo Pan, Fuck You Pay Me, Fight Amp, Rye Coalition, Roomrunner and Multicult, but before that we have an indieATL session that is being filmed, and we’re recording for the AmRep release. After this tour, we have a few things set up for May that I’m at liberty to discuss until everything is confirmed.

Looking further into 2014, we’d really like to get to the West Coast and Europe. We want to tour as much as possible this year, and then record another record for 2015 and get back to it. I already have a title, and we already have a few songs written as well.

( Go get some at their band camp page : )

Thanks to Christian for the interview and Superbitch Magazine will be in the house at The Grog Shop for their show with LO-PAN & FUCK YOU PAY ME on March 23rd….expect pics and a full show report shortly thereafter. Here’s the entire tour schedule :

WHORES Tour Dates: 

Sat 3/8 Atlanta, GA – The Basement

Fri 3/14 Austin, TX – SXSW

Sat 3/15 Austin, TX – SXSW

Sun 3/16 Dallas, TX – Spillover Fest w/ Deafheaven, Japanther, et. al

Mon 3/17 Tulsa, OK – The Yeti

Tue 3/18  Kansas City, MO – The Riot Room

Wed 3/19 Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock


*With Lo Pan*

Thu 3/20 Milwaukee, WI – Cactus Club

Fri 3/21 Chicago, IL – Cobra Lounge

Sat 3/22 Columbus, OH – Ruby’s

Sun 3/23 Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop

Mon 3/24 Athens, OH – The Union

Tue 3/25 Pittsburgh, PA – Brillobox


*With Fight Amp*

Wed 3/26 Syracuse, NY – Badlands

Thu 3/27 Boston, MA – O’Brien’s

Fri 3/28 Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus

Sat 3/29 Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie w/ Rye Coalition

Sun 3/30 Baltimore, MD – Ottobar w/ Roomrunner

Mon 3/31 Norfolk, VA – Roger’s

Tue 4/1 Richmond, VA – Strange Matter


Superbitch Magazine’s ” The VHS Rewind ” column : EAZY-E, 2 LIVE CREW, DIGITAL UNDERGROUND, DE LA SOUL, & SIR MIX-A-LOT!!

the vhs rewind


So, this here’s the debut of ” The VHS Rewind “, Superbitch Magazine’s ode to anything VHS-related to retro video. In this first installment, we take a look at a snappy little tape called ” Monster TV Rap Hits “. What that entails is EXACTLY what the title implies. Pure rap hits from the TV – the state of the art of rap….circa 1989.

monster tv raps vhs

Kicking off this fresh fly batch of videos is the classic song and dreadful video for ” Me Myself and I ” by rap pseudo-hippies, DE LA SOUL. This piece of crap is watchable if only for the interesting use of a land-line phone used as a portable cell and of course, Trugoy’s hairdo. Next, comes ” Joy and Pain ” from Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock. How can you NOT have a great day when you’re singing along to this chorus? Then, it’s definitely one of the better vids off this slab, the goofy ” Doowutchalike ” by Digital Underground. If you slap Humpty Hump and Shock G together, you’ll make one rulin’ MC, my friends. There’s also the song ” We Want Eazy ” by Eazy E, with the video featuring Ice Cube, MC Ren, DJ Yella, and Dr. Dre from NWA, with Eazy rapping from jail just like H.R. from Bad Brains. Yeah.

Ya gots mo’ hits – ” Potholes On My Lawn ” by DE LA SOUL, ” Move Somethin’ ” by 2 LIVE CREW, and the motherfuckin’ diamond in the rough, ” Posse’ On Broadway ” by SIR MIX-A-LOT, in a video that can only be described as looking like it cost about 300 dollars to make. But that’s the beauty of this VHS treasure – it’s vintage as fuck, perfect for bumping at a party ( why not be thematic and get yourself an old VHS player, hook it up to your surround sound, and blast your dumb-ass neighbor’s face out with 808 kick drums and hilariously crappy videos with brothas sportin’ ” Cameo ” haircuts and Kangols? DOOWATCHALIKE MUTHAFUCARS!!! ), and a hoot and a half to boot.



Superbitch Magazine Comix : ” NIPPY THE WID ”






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Introducing Superbitch Lyns!!

lyns 1


Introducing Superbitch Lyns!! ….more Lyns on the way!

Photo by John Davies / Superbitch Magazine.